Go over Yufuin through Beppu

Beppu is the locality number one in Japan for abundance of hot springs and for the quality of the hot water.

Once you are in there You can see the steam rising from the hot springs all the way from the city.
There are 8 areas famous for hot spring and called as Beppu Hatto (which means the eight hot springs of Beppu).
The properties of the hot water differ from place to place, and that’s what makes the Jigoku an attractive sightseeing place.

There are many kinds of food you should try when you are in Beppu.
Sekiaji and sekisaba (horse mackerel) are popular brand fishes.
Besides, there are many other tasty dishes like Toriten (Chicken Tempura), Beppu reimen (Cold noodles), Bungo Beef, Shiroshita flatfish, Ajimu wine.

Yufuin is the nationally famous hot springs spot where the total number of sources is the second largest after Beppu Onsen It takes about 40min by car from Beppu, and about an hour by bus.
So many people visits both Beppu and Yufuin.
In Yufuin, the main street called “Yuno Tsubo Kaido” extends to Kinrin lake.
The street is filled with 40 shops which sell gifts, souvenir and take out foods. It is always crowded with visitors not only from Japan, but from all over the world.

The bus depart from Beppu station / Kitahama bus center.

Travel around Beppu/Kanbara/Myoban area. Local city bus Spatto

Spatto is round bus which go around Beppu, Kannawa, Myoban area.
(It takes 17min from Beppu station to Kannawa, and takes 7min from Kannawa to Myoban)


Round trip Beppu-Yufuin with YUYFURIN

Yufurin is the bus which conncted Beppu and Yufuin about 70min.
Yufurin named by Yufu(from Yufuin) and Rin (from Wa from Kannawa also call it as Rin).From Beppu station, you will passed Kannawa, Beppu Ropeway, Kijima Kogen Park,Yufu Tozanguchi(Mt.Yufu starting point) and arrive at Yufuin station.
You will also see so many beautiful sights along the way.


Enjoy traidioional hot spring from Beppu

7 Hells tour course in Beppu. Beppu hell tour course

It is not too much to say that Beppu tourism has developed together with the hell.
"Hell tour" is a representative tourist attraction in Beppu.
It has recorded from more than 1000years ago, Beppu/ Kannawa/Kamegawa areas were abhorred by people because of the fumoroles, heat muds, boiling water. And it is said that the origin of why it has called "Hell"

7 hells tour course is refers
Umi jigoku (Sea hell)
Oni ishi bozu jigoku (Demon ghost stone Bussha hell)
Kamado jigoku (Furnace hell)
Oniyama jigoku(Demon ghost mountain hell)
Shiraike jigoku(White pond hell)
Chi no ike jigoku (Blood hell)
Tatsumaki jigoku (tornado hell)

You can enjoy the tour with rental car or taxi, However, we recommend to use "Hell tour course bus" present by Kamenoi bus.
It costs 3650JPY, included 7 all places entrance ticket, and bus.
(Regular entrance ticket costs of ticket cotsts 2000JPY)
(If you visit the hells individually, it costs 400JPY in each place)

CHECK Hell tour course

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If you stay in Beppu , BOKAI

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